To Whom It May Concern:

This letter comes to you as a recommendation of employment for Paul Wilkens.

Paul has been working at BCE Technologies & Woodside Industries for two years as the Art Director. His pre-press knowledge has been exceptional in our conversion to electronic desktop publishing.

​Paul is very compatible, and well liked by everyone in the department. He is extremely enthusiastic and a good influence on his coworkers. He has a great desire for team commitment. He also shows lots of energy and drive.

If there are further questions about Paul's work habits, please feel free to contact me.


David VanWormer
​Quality Assurance Manager

BCE Technologies & Woodside Industries

Dale Miller

Dear Paul:

Thank you so much for the excellent printing preparation training session that you developed for Karen.

​Karen reports that you did a professional teaching job. Your presentation was clear, efficient and proceeded in a logical order. You answered all her questions and cleared up numerous complex areas.

Since the training, Karen has spent a lot of time on her computer and studying her manuals. Quite often she will say "Ah, now I know what that means." In addition to her enthusiasm for your training, those remarks are clear evidence that your training was successful.

Thanks again Paul for the superb training you developed and gave Karen.


​Jerry Hobbs

Client of AccuColor Marketing Services

Reba Tuetken

I meet Paul Wilkens many years ago when he had first started to work for Ortho Technology; they were a small company that had a good thing going but that they really needed someone to take them over the top. Paul did this; he did a lot of interesting things that to me were quite bold and innovative. Paul had all of the self-confidence in the world in what he was doing. I sat back and watched while he lead this amazing growth with this company and turned them into one of the major players in the orthodontic market.

Do you want a real winner to take your team to the next level? Do you want someone that does not need you to hold his hand while he does it? Do you want a go-getter and an achiever that plays to win and does win? Then your man is Paul Wilkens, he had the vision and made it work!

Al Siblani

Founder and CEO EnvisionTEC 3D Printing,

A Desktop Metal Company

Ever since I have known Paul Wilkens, he has always gone the extra mile to achieve his targeted goals. While making himself an expert resource in orthodontic aligner fabrication, treatment software, and 3D printing for doctors worldwide. I have been very impressed by Paul’s success with his development of the EnvisionTEC Orthodontic User Group on Facebook. He created the group to answers questions that orthodontists would ask him about implementing 3D printing into their practice.

I would highly recommend Paul Wilkens for any Marketing, Product Development, Sales, and other roles in leadership positions within the organization he has an interest in.

I have known and worked with Paul Wilkens since 2001 My professional experience with him has been both successful and rewarding. His experience in marketing, strategic planning, product development and sales is evidenced in the success and growth of the companies he is involved with. His passionate leadership and personal drive are what makes him a valuable asset. I would highly recommend him to any company looking for an effective individual to serve as the catalyst for growth in their organization.

Phone: +1 (619) 787-5500


Phone: +1 (602) 820-0771


It was a pleasure having Paul Wilkens as our Northwest Senior Sales Territory Manager. I found Paul to be extremely knowledgeable about our product offerings and very motivated to achieve his sales goals. He exceeded his sales goals for his first and second years with Forestadent while being the only sales manager to win the President’s Club Award two years in a row. Unfortunately, COVID came and Forestadent had to make financial changes to the business.

Paul not only exceeded his sales goals he additionally successfully marketed himself and the company to drive additional revenue, leads for himself, and other sales representatives while motivating the company and other reps to do the same. I highly recommend Paul for any endeavor he is looking to pursue. You will obtain an individual who will consistently go the extra mile to achieve goals, grow your company, and motivate others.

Business references

Phone: +1 (313) 436-4300


Kory Carman

Vice President
​American Tooth Industries 

Sales Manager
Forestadent USA

Call: (813) 263-3038

MARKETING, SALES, and Product development

Sales Manager

Forestadent Orthodontics

Phone: +1 (813) 335-8166


To Whom It May Concern:

It is with much pleasure that I recommend Paul Wilkens for any future endeavors he may pursue.

Paul's decisions and commitment to moving our art from paste-up to computer desktop publishing has been one of the single most important forces behind our company's continued growth.

Patience, persistence, and excellent judgement are but a few qualities that I have come to respect in Paul. I have never known him to give less than one-hundred precent each and everyday.

Paul has been an indispensable asset to our company; I wish him the very best in all he may pursue.


Therease Woodside

​Woodside Industries