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Dale Miller

Vice President
American Tooth Industries 

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I have known and worked with Paul Wilkens since 2001 My professional experience with him has been both successful and rewarding. His experience in marketing, strategic planning, product development and sales is evidenced in the success and growth of the companies he is involved with. His passionate leadership and personal drive are what makes him a valuable asset. I would highly recommend him to any company looking for an effective individual to serve as the catalyst for growth in their organization.

Business references

I meet Paul Wilkens many years ago when he had first started to work for Ortho Technology; they were a small company that had a good thing going but that they really needed someone to take them over the top. Paul did this; he did a lot of interesting things that to me were quite bold and innovative. Paul had all of the self-confidence in the world in what he was doing. I sat back and watched while he lead this amazing growth with this company and turned them into one of the major players in the orthodontic market.

Do you want a real winner to take your team to the next level? Do you want someone that does not need you to hold his hand while he does it? Do you want a go-getter and an achiever that plays to win and does win? Then your man is Paul Wilkens, he had the vision and made it work!

Kory Carman

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